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WordPress Reading Settings

Accessing the Reading Settings Screen in WordPress

The Reading Settings Screen is fairly straight forward a offers a few useful options for you to set up your WordPress Website.

The first setting you see is Front Page Displays. This is where you select what visitors will see on your website’s home page. You have two choices for that page, Your Latest Post or A Static Page. In short do you want your home page to show your latest blog entries or do you want to create a specific page as your home page. This choice is up to you and it depends on what type of website you are creating and using WordPress for.

The next setting you see is Blog Pages Show At Most. This is the setting that will establish how many post are visible on the Blog section of your website. Setting it to ten post mean your visitors will see 10 of your post per page.

The next setting you see is Syndication Feeds Show The Most Recent. If you don’t know what syndication is you may want to just leave this setting alone

The next setting is For Each Article in a Feed Show. The choices are Full Text or Summary. Full Text is the easiest unless your articles are lengthy.

The last setting is Search Engine Visibility. Discourage search engines from indexing this site on or off. Most people want their website to be found on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If for some reason you do not want your site to be found via search engines then you may want to check this box. Notice it says “Discourage”, checking this box will not block or prevent your site from being found. To prevent your website from being found be search engine bots and spiders take a little more than checking this box. 

Now that you have logged in to your WordPress site and reviewed the Reading Settings Screen what do you do next? 

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WordPress Reading Settings

Welcome to the WordPress Reading Settings Screen

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