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The Difference Between a Hosting Account & a Domain Account

In order to have a website you need two services to be up a running.

The first thing you need is a domain name for you website. A domain name is secured through a what is called a Domain Name Registrar. A Domain Name Registrar will let you select a Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .com, .org, .net and many others. TLDs continue to grow in an effort to keep up with the demand and availability. Having a .com is always preferred but as the web continues to grow people want a domain name that fits them, after all there can only be one

Getting a domain name is easy and depends on availability so take your time and find the one that best fits you and your website.

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A WordPress Site vs A WordPress Site on

Many things are the same but there is a difference in both options and cost. What should you look for?

Exploring WordPress to see what it can do and what is it all about is where most begin. More and more people are depending on it for their website but how many really know what they are using and what it can do is the question.

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I Want a Contact Form on my Web Page

Everyone wants a contact form on their website for various reason but how many people actually fill out the form?

If you have a form on your website you’ve noticed you get a lot of spam and empty offers. Forms work for some sites and not others, it all depends on your audience.

If you are using WordPress you have 2 options when it comes to adding a form. You can create it with pure code or you can search threw 100’s of Plugins that will allow you to add a form to your site.

Most will use a Plugin and try to get it to look and work the way they want which can be frustrating depending on which Plugin they try to use.

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Just Another Search Engine

Search Engine Startups do exist and sooner or later you’re going hear about it.

Google is clearly the most popular Search Engine at the moment. But that has not always been the case. Their where other Search Engines before Google was a household name.

Do you remember how popular AOL use to be?

You don’t hear a lot about Search Engine Startups but they are out there.

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Organic SEO Programming

What is Organic SEO Programming?

This term refers to the method of which you create your web pages so they can easily be found naturally be the Search Engines for the correct or targeted term.

This style of programming can be really helpful when it comes to visitors and customers finding you as a result of a search with out have to pay for that to happen. Cool.

As simple as you would think this could be, your wrong. Search Engines are constantly updating and changing the algorithms they use to show the results they show to users of their service. Keeping up and adapting to the changes is something you will want to consider if you wish your website to work so people and customers can find you on the internet.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

The question – Where is the best place to Host my WordPress Site? – is not an easy question to answer.

More and more web hosting providers are offering hosting packages specific for WordPress. Is that needed to have a WordPress site? The answer is NO, not at all.

You can host a WordPress website on any hosting package offered today. 

If you are going to use or have a WordPress site you should take the time to familiarize yourself with what features and options you have with your current hosting provider. Package for package provider for provider they all differ in what they offer and what limits exist. Some offer unlimited others can be very limited. And as always pricing, what am I getting for my money? is a question you should ask.

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What is Responsive Website Design

Professional Website Management Services ArizonaThe term Responsive comes up more and more lately when it comes to designing a website, theme or template.

To most the term is confusing and the topic is muddy. Creating a website that is responsive takes a bit of planning and understanding. Not too long ago the term mobile ready was being tossed around quite a bit as well along with the term mobile app. Each of these terms mean something different and produce different out comes.

Having a website that is responsive means simply this. Your website is intentionally designed, programmed and organized so that the presentation, orientation delivery of each page and or section of your website is easily view-able and accessible equally on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones and any other device that is capable of viewing internet content without having to provide multiple versions of the website itself or without having to zoom, pinch or scroll horizontally.

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Web Design and Website Management Services – Joomla | WordPress | HTML | SEO

Website Design and Website Management Services

Located in Arizona I offer complete Website Design and HTML Programming services to clients and businesses. Website services range from simple web page updates and changes to full site design and configuration. Additional programming and customization is also available including Slideshows, YouTube, Joomla, WordPress, Content Management Systems CMSs, Blogs, RSS feeds and more.

Website promotion and marketing services are also available to further enhance your website’s exposure.

Website Management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organic site design.

Diverse skills include internet programming, multimedia, website design & management, graphics design, digital photography and more.

Can handle projects of all types for clients in need of services including both corporate and personal websites. Continue reading

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