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Just Another Search Engine

Search Engine Startups do exist and sooner or later you’re going hear about it.

Google is clearly the most popular Search Engine at the moment. But that has not always been the case. Their where other Search Engines before Google was a household name.

Do you remember how popular AOL use to be?

You don’t hear a lot about Search Engine Startups but they are out there.

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You Outsourced Your Website

Outsourced Tech Support Staff

Outsourced Tech Support Staff

Do you really want to work with someone you have never met ???

You can do it right or do it again !!!

Meet with a skilled designer and get the job done right.

Save time and save money ….. 

Your "Outsourced" Support Team

Your “Outsourced” Support Team

Professional Joomla WordPress Website Tutoring Services Arizona

Helping you answer the questions you have.

For more information and availability about Joomla or WordPress Tutoring call (480)326-3283

Need a website, why not build it yourself ?

Good question, lets see, why should you build it yourself.

Web Guy Arizona
  • First of all, what do you know about websites?
  • Do you know how to get a suitable domain name?
  • Do you know how to set up and use a hosting account?
  • Are you aware of what a website can really do?
  • Do you know anything about code such as HTML or PHP?
  • What about graphics, do you have any idea how to format or optimize photos and images?
  • Are you familiar with best practices and tactics regarding search engine and other forums?
  • Do you know the difference between a coded website, a blog or a CMS?
  • What do you know about page structure?
  • Do you know what a meta tag, alt tag or title tag?
  • Are you hoping to be found by search engines such as Google?
  • Do you know anything about SEO?
  • Are you planning on doing any marketing or promotion for your website?
  • And finally do you really have the time and are you really willing to take that chance?

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If you see “God is Dead” written on the side of the collapsing overpass, then you’ve gone too far!

Best Ad Copy Ever !!!!!

K&RAt The K&R Suit Experience, we have hundreds of suits, in the only color you’ll ever need.

Blue, blue, this shade of blue! All suits in stock are 42 regular.

Smaller than that? Get it tailored. There are tailors all over the city. Open a phone book.

Are you bigger than 42 regular? We can’t help you. Look elsewhere!

These prices are so low, they’re driving us mad.

Why are we burning these suits? For warmth? My grip on reality is weakening! Must lower prices.

K&R Suit Experience in Little Detroit.

Next to the abandoned police station.

If you see “God is Dead” written on the side of the collapsing overpass, then you’ve gone too far! 

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