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Managed WordPress Hosting

The question – Where is the best place to Host my WordPress Site? – is not an easy question to answer.

More and more web hosting providers are offering hosting packages specific for WordPress. Is that needed to have a WordPress site? The answer is NO, not at all.

You can host a WordPress website on any hosting package offered today. 

If you are going to use or have a WordPress site you should take the time to familiarize yourself with what features and options you have with your current hosting provider. Package for package provider for provider they all differ in what they offer and what limits exist. Some offer unlimited others can be very limited. And as always pricing, what am I getting for my money? is a question you should ask.

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WordPress Updates

What to Know About WordPress Updates

What Should You Know about a WordPress Updates ?

Keeping your WordPress Website Up To Date is Important!!!

More and more people are using WordPress for their website but very few of them know why. This is becoming more and more common. Business owners hire a web designer to build a website for them but never ask for details and end up with a WordPress site. Are you one of them?

WordPress can be used to create a variety of types of websites and if you know what you are doing it can generate a great deal of exposure. Sadly many people who use WordPress have no idea how to setup and use it.

One of the important things about using WordPress is that you should really keep it up to date. The updates that are released for WordPress are important and are typically a result of a exploit that has been discovered and have something to do with your website’s security.

If you don’t keep your website up to date and backed up you could lose everything and then what will you do?

If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the time, that’s fine but you need to make sure someone is looking out for your website and doing what is needed to make sure your website continues to function.

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Keep Your WordPress Website Up To Date !!!

WordPress Blog Design ArizonaAre you using WordPress for your website ?

If you are then you better be keeping up with all of the updates. In the last year their have been 18 updates to WordPress.

Website management is a big part of having a WordPress Website. As you can see, the updates are frequent and keeping up with them is important. A big part of managing your website is backing up your content and files. Even though the developers on the WordPress project do their best you can never be too sure or prepared.

Each WordPress website is unique and it’s best not to take the chance. Backup your website frequently.

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Local Joomla Website Design and Management – Joomla | WordPress | HTML | SEO

Joomla Content Management System

Located in Arizona I offer complete Joomla Website Design and HTML Programming.

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Professional Joomla Website Management Services Arizona

Website services range from simple web page updates and changes to full site design and configuration.

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Website Development and Graphic Design Arizona

Web Design Arizona

Located in Arizona I offers complete

Website Design and HTML Programming Services

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Joomla | WordPress | HTML | SEO



Website Management and Design Arizona – Joomla | WordPress | HTML | SEO

Responsive Wed Design

Creative Website Design Services

Website services range from simple web page updates and changes to full site design and configuration.

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Website Design and Website Management Arizona

Website Design and Website Management Arizona

Website Design and Website Management Arizona Services


For more information about

Web Design Services call

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