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Need help working with Google ???

Where did my website go ????

Did Google’s latest Panda update affect your website ?

Do you need some help working with Google ?

  • Understanding Google’s search results or SERP.
  • How to get Google Maps to work.
  • How to set up your account on Google Plus.
  • How to work with Google Blogspot.
  • How to use Google Pages.
  • How to set your Google Business page.
  • Understand how Google AdWords works.
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Located in Arizona I offer complete Website Design and Management services to clients and businesses. 

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Is Google spying on your shopping habits? Really, you had to ask?

Look at me

Saw this on Fox and just had to post it.

Yes your smart phone is smart but in different ways. You should be careful or at least aware.

Is Google spying on your shopping habits?

Black Friday is right around the corner and here’s something to be aware of when you do your shopping. Your every move inside the mall or store is possibly being watched and recorded by Google. The online giant is testing a new program designed to monitor your shopping habits.

“Google is now using technology in your phone to track where you are going what you are shopping and what you are doing.”

FOX 10’s Social Media Manager Jeff Moriarty is talking about a program that Google is reportedly testing — a way to track your smart phone so Google can connect online sales with your purchases at the mall — and don’t think your iPhone is immune.

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You trusted a Marketing Company to do your website, BIG MISTAKE !!!!!

Website Marketing Ariozna

“Marketing Companies” are not programmers, they are salesman. I am constantly being approached by fly by night marketing companies to quote them on what they refer to as “Simple Websites” for their clients at wholesale pricing.

First of all there is nothing simple about website design. Much less wholesale pricing.

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