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Tutoring WordPress

Teaching someone how to use WordPress can be a challenge.

I have tutored several people that are using WordPress and the questions are never the same. How do I do this? How do I change that? What is this for? Etc.

Not too many people have not heard about WordPress but turns out they still have little idea what it is and how to use it effectively.

The popularity of WordPress is truly to blame for all the confusion and frustration.

Yes, WordPress is popular and is easily the most misused program used for Websites. Many think WordPress is so easy and requires little knowledge to setup and utilize.

Granted, skilled programmers and designers can create really attractive and functional websites using WordPress. Yes I said skilled, anyone that has tried to use WordPress can easily tell you the editor is extremely limited and offers little in the way of layout and creativity. Go ahead and install WordPress and see for yourself what you have to work with.

All these really cool designs and layouts you see take a bit more than just installing the program. Look at all the really sharp themes you can buy for WordPress and see how difficult they are to use, setup, configure and use.

With all the demands for responsive layout, flashy design and performance you will see for yourself that using a Blog for your website is not as easy as you may of thought.

Each WordPress site is unique and can be setup in a variety of ways and using it requires you to understand how it works.

Now that you know more about WordPress what’s next?

Learn More About WordPress

How to use WordPress Tutoring

What Should You Know about a WordPress ?

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Things you should really think about before you do it.

  • Use WordPress as a Photo Gallery
  • Use WordPress as a Shopping Cart
  • Use WordPress as a Membership Site
  • Buy a really cool Theme for your WordPress site without knowing what you are buying


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