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Keep Your WordPress Website Up To Date !!!

WordPress Blog Design ArizonaAre you using WordPress for your website ?

If you are then you better be keeping up with all of the updates. In the last year their have been 18 updates to WordPress.

Website management is a big part of having a WordPress Website. As you can see, the updates are frequent and keeping up with them is important. A big part of managing your website is backing up your content and files. Even though the developers on the WordPress project do their best you can never be too sure or prepared.

Each WordPress website is unique and it’s best not to take the chance. Backup your website frequently.

Okay, so there have been 18 updates to WordPress in the last 12 months, what is so hard about that? Well, that is just keeping WordPress up to date. Many website use Plugins for additional functionality. You will also need to keep them up to date and make sure they still work the way they should. Plugins are developed by supporters of WordPress. So beware and be careful when you perform your updates.

From time to time you may have to update your Theme as well. Themes can be very simple and clean or they can be really involved and full of features. Simple is always best but if you bought a Theme with a a lot of additional features your Theme may no longer be capable with the current version of WordPress.

Other concerns regarding updates is the hosting provider you are using. Some of the updates require certain requirements on the host. Godaddy is notorious for not keeping things up to date and cause problems from time to time.

WordPress designers/developers/programmers can be really creative in the solutions they come up with. It is important to remember that there is no one way to do what it is we do. And yes there are short cuts you can take when putting together a WordPress website. 

Some of these inventive solutions can include editing the WordPress and Plugin files themselves. This is not a good practice however I have seen it from time to time. If you suspect this is the case with the website you have, you should be very careful about trying to up date your website.

WordPress Update History


4.0.8 September 15, 2015   Changelog Blog 29632
4.1 December 17, 2014   Changelog Blog 30133
4.1.1 February 18, 2015   Changelog Blog 30133
4.1.2 April 21, 2015   Changelog Blog 30133
4.1.3 April 23, 2015   Changelog No blog 30133
4.1.4 April 27, 2015   Changelog Blog 30134
4.1.5 May 7, 2015   Changelog Blog 30135
4.1.6 July 23, 2015   Changelog Blog 30135
4.1.7 August 4, 2015   Changelog Blog 30135
4.1.8 September 15, 2015   Changelog Blog 30135
4.2 April 23, 2015   Changelog Blog 31532
4.2.1 April 27, 2015   Changelog Blog 31533
4.2.2 May 7, 2015   Changelog Blog 31535
4.2.3 July 23, 2015   Changelog Blog 31536
4.2.4 August 4, 2015   Changelog Blog 31536
4.2.5 September 15, 2015   Changelog Blog 31536
4.3 August 18, 2015   Changelog Blog 33055
4.3.1 September 15, 2015   Changelog Blog 33056


WordPress’s popularity is reason enough to keep yours up to date and as secure as possible.

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