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A WordPress Site vs A WordPress Site on

Many things are the same but there is a difference in both options and cost. What should you look for?

Exploring WordPress to see what it can do and what is it all about is where most begin. More and more people are depending on it for their website but how many really know what they are using and what it can do is the question.

Setting up a free account on is where many get their first taste of WordPress and many don’t take the time to look or ask is this all, is there anything more, do all WordPress sites have the same options and settings?

No they do not!

The options and ability you have with a WordPress site on your own host vs a site on are significant and depending on what you hope to accomplish can really have an impact.

It is easy to understand and to most they would never even know unless they had tried numerous host and tried various themes and plugins.

Having worked on many WordPress sites I can say that no 2 are the same and each is unique. Where the site is hosted, what theme they are using, what plugins they are using and how the site has been designed and maintained are a huge factor.

Next time you are logged in, go to the Dashboard and take a look at all the screens using the buttons on the left side. Really look at each screen and each button to see all the areas you have to enter information.

Each area is a place to configure how your WordPress site publishes, performs, appears and functions. Having working the best way possible is always a good idea.

Getting the Theme and the various Plugins to work together and looking good is the goal and takes a little time to setup and refine. By reviewing all the areas will let you know what options you have and what may take a little more effort to modify code wise. As always be careful when you start editing any actual Theme or Plugin code and remember any changes to file code will be replaced when you do any updates and as we all know there are frequent updates.

Now that you know what the differences are with WordPress what’s next? 

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