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OTB Creative Services in Scottsdale Arizona provides full website design and repair services.

OTB Creative Services in Scottsdale Arizona provides full website design and repair services. Specializing in HTML & PHP programming, Joomla website design, WordPress website design and website management services. Consulting, training and search engine optimization (SEO) services are also available.


OTB Creative Services offers Custom PHP Programming services for customers that need straight code websites updated or need to get a script working or an online program configured. PHP is becoming more and more common. Many Blogs and CMSs are developed using PHP. Pretty much anything on a Linux server utilizes PHP code via LAMP.


 An example would be that if a customer request to have a WordPress or Joomla site customized, much of the customization is done using PHP Programming. Be adding and modifying the PHP code is how that is accomplished.


 PHP code offers functionality that HTML code is simply not capable of and therefore there are websites on the internet that are built using straight PHP code. PHP Programming allows you to build blocks of code that are assembled on demand. In other words the page you see online is actually a number of physical files found on the server. HTML files for the most part are self contained unless you use frames or iframes or CSS layers to accomplish the design and functionality you desire.


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Custom PHP Programming Available in Scottsdale Arizona – We Fix, Repair and Update Websites


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HTML & PHP Website Programming Scottsdale Arizona


Joomla Website Design and Management Scottsdale Arizona


WordPress Website Design and Management Scottsdale Arizona


Website Management and Marketing Scottsdale Arizona


Website SEO Search Engine Optimization Scottsdale Arizona


Website Consulting and Support Scottsdale Arizona


Professional and Corporate Training Scottsdale Arizona


Digital Photography and Editing Scottsdale Arizona


Graphic Design and Creative Services Scottsdale Arizona


Skilled new media and internet designers based in Scottsdale Arizona available to assist you with your creative needs.


Offering complete graphic design, digital video, presentation authoring, site programming, YouTube video, photo editing and multimedia services.


Affordable, reasonable and able to handle projects of all types and sizes and offer quick turn around for those clients that require it, we understand.


Site Management Services available, if you need webmaster services we can help.


 We can do more than build you a website; we can maintain and update it for you. Consulting services are also available, with over 20 years of experience we can help.


From setting up your office and training your staff to planning your newest business venture, our team has a wealth of knowledge that, in the end, can save you countless hours of frustration and money.


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Professional Website Design in Scottsdale Arizona Professional Web Design and programming services in Scottsdale Arizona. HTML & PHP, Custom Joomla Content Management System, Custom WordPress Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, CSS and Website management. Joomla | WordPress | PHP | HTML | SEO. For more information about Web Design and Website Management services call or email me today.

Moving Forward with Your Website Project

All jobs are quoted and done on a project basis. Each quote will contain the scope of work to be done as well as a timeline from start to finish.


Each client is interviewed to discover and discuss the various details of the request and to review the job’s requirements and concerns. The interview is also a perfect opportunity to assess the known and unknown options that may or may not be desired.


The interview is specific to the particular needs and desires and no two sites are ever the same, each is unique to the specific requirements and goals.


The object of the interview is to review the website’s outline in regards to the navigation, content, presentation and overall function. During the interview each component and element are reviewed and discussed to insure the job will be completed as expected.


The navigation, links and content are all very important and how it is organized and presented will have a great impact on its success and performance. Other concerns are also important such as the use of color and graphics.


During the interview you meet with and discusses all the various aspects of the site with the designer that will be doing the actual work not some salesman that will be the go between. This helps things move along much better and you get the answers you desire instead of having to settle for let me get back to you on this or I will have to check.


You meet and communicate directly with the person working on your site. Direct and simple, the designer and you work jointly and is there to answer any question or concern you may have over the course of the project.


Once the project has be clearly defined so that both the you and designer understand what is expected and to be done a formal quote and timeline is presented for your review and acceptance.


The timeline outlined in the quote will describe what is expected of both you and the designer. This will include what items and information need to be supplied from you. A timeline that will state the overall time frame of the project and when it is to be completed will also be defined in the quote and will address when you and the web designer are to meet to review and discuss the project's progress as well as any other details that are crucial to the project's completion. Typically you and the designer will meet at least 3 times over the course of the site's development as well as communicating on the phone and via email.


The typical time frame for a project is 30 to 45 days. Granted other projects take longer or are done in phases. The timeline is very important and necessary to keep the project on track and on time.


Once the quote is accepted a deposit is required in order for project to begin and go into production. The deposit is 50% down and the remaining 50% on completion. Project completion is defined as when the site is live and hosted under your domain.


After the site is complete the you can retain the designer’s service on a monthly rate. Pricing is specific to your individual needs and requirements and is at an agreed flat rate with any additional services needed at an agreed hourly rate.


Monthly services could include updating the sites content, adding further content to the site and most importantly taking care of any SEO work the website may need to increase the site’s performance and exposure. Other efforts may include marketing and promotions.


Having someone to maintain your site is important and commonly overlooked by many. If you are expecting your site to help your business and promote your services you should seriously consider retaining the designer so your site can continue to work for you. Keeping your site fresh and up to date will not happen on its own. You can try to do it yourself but are you really going to do that and are you really knowledgeable enough to do it correctly? Chances are the answer is no and as Red Adair was quoted saying


“The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional, is hiring an amateur. “


For more information on the services that are available please call me at (480) 326 3283